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Antique Oil Lamps and History – History tells us that the first oil lamp was constructed during the Stone Age.   These ancient oil lamps were likely made from a hollowed out rock, lined with moss with the oil lamp wick was covered in animal fat to provide a much need light source as night drew near.  Of course, while this design was very functional, it is quite different from the typical modern oil lamp we seek to collect today.

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The antique oil lamps we collect now are highly valued for the decorative and cultural value they provide.  There’s a strong demand for this specific type of lamp as well as other types of oil lamps such as hanging oil lamps, ornate brass, Aladdin oil lamps, and many others.  We will focus on antique glass oil lamps for now.

Oil Lamp Parts – How Are These Lamps Constructed:

The most common antique oil lamps are built with a large glass globe on the bottom and a smaller glass globe on top.   They  are very decorative and usually come with both globes painted and in a variety of floral designs.  When they were constructed; they were made by hand.  They come in nearly every color you can conceive of and are a true wonder to observe. The lamps are quite fragile in nature and their often-times frilly, Victorian look, gives ample warning of their need for delicate handling.

Collecting Ideas and Potential Uses:

Antique oil lamps have become one of the most sought after antique collectibles in the 2000’s.  Once a necessity, antique glass oil lamps are now treasured by many for the settling glow and mood setting attributes they impart to any room.  They can be used to accent any room and provide a warm inviting splash of color to the environment.

Note:  When collecting antique oil lamps and attempting to use them in your decorating scheme, it is essential to think of safety first and protect your family from any possibility of a fire.

They can also be used in outdoor settings as a unique and clever way to light up the back yard for a night time get-together with the neighborhood.   These lamps can make an interesting takeoff on a tiki torch if you like; you can find poles that stick in the ground with hooks on top to hang the lamps on.

Where To Find Them:

Antique oil lamps are collectible items now that can be found on more Amazon auctions than you could ever imagine.  They can also be found at estate sales, local auctions, local antique stores and on many websites across the internet.  A nice selection of Antique Glass Oil Lamps is advertised, for your convenience, in the side bar of this page as well.

Oil Lamp Pricing:

Although antique oil lamps range in price I found that 19th-century antique oil lamps in mint condition rarely go cheaper than $300.

Hunting for these antique treasures can be a wonderful hobby.  Collecting and decorating with antique oil lamps is a great way to both preserve a little history and incorporate a unique antique into your home environment.

Be sure to stop back from time to time to peruse our personal collection of oil lamps dealers.  Thank you for visiting our site about Antique Oil Lamps.

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