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Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 | Author:
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Aladdin rubs the magic Hanukah lamp only to find more than he bargained for…a JEWISH Genie! Taken from a live performance of the show “Aladdin” – December 2005, produced by the TACT Theatre Co.

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  1. keroffin1 says:

    @loboguara1 I think you must have a different type of mineral oil in mind, drug-store laxative mineral oil (what the guy is using in the lamp) will not explode in a flat wick lantern and has a lower flash-point than kerosene which is the fuel flat-wick lanterns are meant to use… You would be lucky to keep a flat-wick lit with mineral oil as it won’t wick as readily as kerosene, the reason he uses it in the lamp is because the lamp is designed to heat the fuel (originally lard) to thin it…

  2. loboguara1 says:

    Only in specific types of center draft lamps, and it is still dangerous. If you try to use it in a flat wick lantern, it will explode. It’s a bad idea in general.

  3. inkey2 says:

    you can burn MINERAL OIL????….like the type you buy in the drugstore???

  4. 3salamanders says:

    OMG – it’s brilliant!!

  5. sadiegoldberg says:

    Love it, laughed out loud….very funny! maybe check out me doing Sadie Goldberg in “Listen With Jewish Mother”

  6. lalungenuictdestens says:

    Hahaha! I can see it hundreds of times and always I laugh the same! 🙂 I have it on my mobile phone! Thank you Simon! 😀

  7. jewishdirectorsrock says:

    Have ya hoid of Steven Spielboig? LOL!

  8. lalungenuictdestens says:

    Hahahaha!!!! very fuuuuunny!!! 🙂 I love jewish humour!

  1. Alexander7

    Need cheap generic LEVITRA?…

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