Antique Glass Oil Lamps

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Antique Lamps have become very collectible over the past few years. Certain styles such as Art Deco and Victoriana have assisted this popularity along with certain makers such as Tiffany that will never go out of fashion.

Some of the most collectible lamps are oil and kerosene lamps. They can still look as beautiful and stylish today as they did 100 years ago when they were first manufactured. There is something romantic about these lamps when they are lit and show off their glow to perfection in even the most uninspiring rooms.

Be very careful when purchasing lamps with glass shades. This is the place where most of the damage is done. Slight burn marks are normal and should be accepted with any lamp with an age. Run your fingers around the rim of the shade very carefully and check for hairline cracks.

Be also very careful when purchasing supposed Antique Lamps due to the number of reproductions on the market. Where a certain area is very popular as it is with Antique Lamps then it is just a matter of time before the market is flooded with reproduction pieces.

This does not mean that reproduction antique lamps are a bad thing. If you do have an original piece which has a slightly damaged shade it would be easy to replace this with a reproduction if it was for your own use and not for resale.

The only problems come when the reproduction lamps are passed on as originals either by unsuspecting sellers or by unscrupulous dealers. Check the lamps like you would any other antique. Look for normal wear and tear on the shade. Brass fittings would be worn away due to frequent use along with the base. Owners would often polish the lamps so this would also show on a genuine antique oil lamp. If you suspect anything regarding the lamps true age then don’t buy it.

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Mark Fynn has been a collector of antiques and spends much of his spare time at antique fairs and auctions. He is also an avid reader of all antique books.

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