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Solar Lamp Post

Solar lighting has been around for some time now and frankly some types of solar lights are very effective while others are not. Just about all of the solar lighting available today however, lacks the warmth and classic design of the old time gas lamp posts. There is a new product on the market today that incorporates that look and classic design but uses modern solar power instead of gas or cabled electricity to provide that nice warm glow.

Solar lamp post lights come in many sizes, shapes and configurations but they all share some common attributes. All of them use a small solar panel located on the top to gather energy from the sun. That energy is then stored in a battery pack. LED (light emitting diode) lights provide the illumination and they in turn are powered by the battery pack. The battery pack is usually a nickel medal hydride or lithium Ion type and is easily replaced. The similarities of the solar lamp post lights seem to end there. Some varieties of use six LED some use eight while others use ten. Some manufacturers use a patented cone in the center of the head of the lamp to reflect and amplify the light. The materials used to construct the solar lamp post vary from powder coated aluminum to polycarbonate. Power coated aluminum will stand up to the elements much better and is easy to touch up if it gets nicked or scratched. Beveled glass is also preferred for the lens material because of its classic look and clarity. Other materials can get chalky from the sun over time.

About the author: Bob Gambrell has been in the past a manufacturers representative for Inverters, Battery chargers and wire. He has been involved with alternative energy products for the past ten years. Sinced 2008 Bob has owned and operated


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