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The history of the lamp

The origins of the very first lamp dates back to 70,000 BC. The first lamps were of course very primitive, cavemen used to burn animal fat and then placed it in a hollow rock to illuminate the darkness. Later on in history, Greeks evolved the lamp by using terra cotta as an element to hold the flame, but instead of animal fat Greeks began using wicks that gave them more control over the flame.

As time progressed other fuels were discovered, such as olive oil, beeswax, fish oil, other types of oils, and other similar substances. Then later on in the 1800s gas become more common place, the invention of the kerosene lamp was born in Germany. As the 1900s came, gas lamps were invented. The introduction of street lamps were common in all the large American, as well as European cities. The evolution continued and low pressure sodium and high pressure mercury lighting were introduced in the market. Then cam the modern day incandescent lamp.

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