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Hanging Oil Lamps – Instant Decor Booster

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 | Author:

Information on hanging oil lamps and antique oil lamps. Also provides information on how to obtain these items.

Getting the right atmosphere can be as simple as using hanging oil lamps. Once a necessity of light, now are used for decoration. Used indoors or outdoor, you can achieve the rustic look you want by using the right hanging oil lamps.

Hanging oil lamps are still very functional, especially during electric outages. Hanging oil lamps are also often safer since they hang, rather then sitting on a table or shelf. It also allows you to place it for better lighting.

Hanging oil lamps cause the illumination to give people a warm, inviting, and subtle feel of relaxation. The way the light cascades around you kind of like the fire from a fireplace or campfire might provide. This type of lighting is precisely what many people want in their homes or outdoor space and they invest in them.

They are great as a decorative element. You can achieve a wonderful rustic look, weather you ever use them or not. Rather than buying a hanging oil lamp as functional piece, many people buy them purely as a decorative piece.

You can use hanging oil lamps indoor or outdoors, but it is important to know what type is intended to be used indoor or outdoor. Hanging oil lamps made for indoor use may be more prone to rusting and tarnishing.

If you are able to find a hanging oil lamp that brings you that certain joy, always remember to read the instructions before attempting to use as not to put yourself at risk of causing a fire. Proper use and cleaning will significantly reduce your chances of a fire, even though there is always a risk when there is an open flame.

There are specific types of oil you must use for different types of oil lamps. Especially if you acquire and decide to use an antique oil lamp. But, generally the manufacture will provide you with that information in the instructions.

When using a hanging oil lamp outdoors, you’ll need to make sure that what you are hanging it from needs to be in a secure place, shielded from wind. Although when installed properly hanging oil lamps can withstand normal winds it should be removed.

To learn more about the different types or how to obtain antique oil lamps, hanging oil lamps, please visit where you’ll find additional info and much more. Also feel free to contact me and let me know of what you think about this article and my site.

By Brandon Lyles

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