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Antique Kerosene Lamps – Practical and Beautiful Additions to Your …

Sunday, February 01st, 2009 | Author:

Antique kerosene lamps can add a beautiful touch to your home while providing a practical lighting source in the case of emergency. Whether you want a simple, classic design or an elaborate antique model that graced a Victorian home in the past, you can find a kerosene lamp to meet your needs. You can find both antique and reproduction lamps from a variety of sources, making it easy to own a piece of history.

Many people like to keep kerosene lamps or other light sources in the event of power failure or natural storm. If you don’t want to use kerosene, many newer lamps also use lamp oil that can be purchased for a few dollars at grocery, craft, and hardware stores. These lamps are easy to use and provide much needed light in case of emergency. While you don’t need an elaborate lamp if your purpose is simply practical, you can still choose to use an antique lamp if you want. This can be particularly meaningful if it’s a lamp that your family has passed down from generation to generation.

Although you can purchase simple modern lamps and lanterns, you can also seek out different antique lamps that use kerosene or other fuel sources. Many of these lamps are quite elaborate, illustrating the decoration popular at the time that they were made. You may have a historic home that you want to add period pieces to or you may just like the look of these beautiful antiques.

If you’re looking for an antique piece, try looking in various antique sources. Antique dealers are one place to start, although you’ll often pay more for the item with a dealer than from other sources. Treasure hunters may want to hit auctions or estate sales to find lamps. Be sure to look for lamps in good condition and look for cracks or other imperfections in the glass.

Some companies also offer reproductions of these popular lamps from the past. If you can’t find an authentic piece that you want, reproductions can be a good option. Some will also be less expensive than their historic counterparts and they’ll be easier to find. In some cases, you may be able to find reproductions that use lamp oils or other fuels as well.

Antique oil kerosene lamps can add a decorative touch to historic homes or a conversation piece to modern ones. Whether you want a lamp for added decoration or in the case of emergency, you’ll find a range of lamps, both antique and reproductions, available.

Author: Harrison Brooks

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Antique Lamps Questions Answered

Thursday, January 29th, 2009 | Author:

Interest in collecting antique lamps is very high these days. In an effort to help those who might be interested in this area of antiques and collectibles, this article will attempt to address some of the common questions and answers associated with antique lamps —

Question: Which antique lamps are the most valuable?

Answer: There is no single make or style of antique lamp that is the most valuable. Those made by the Stiffel Company and Handel lamps are very popular, because they were very well made and beautiful. Antique brass floor lamps are very popular, as they are easily rewired and placed into every day use. Many styles of antique art deco lamps are also very well loved, in part because the style and artistic value is so high.

Question: Isn’t it best to collect antique oil lamps?

Answer: Antique oil lamps are certainly older, as a general rule, and might therefore be more valuable as antiques. However, the construction, materials and design of antique electric lamps make them very valuable as well. Two of the most popular antique oil styles are the antique bankers lamp and the antique student lamp.

Both are quite easy to find (because they were so very popular) and parts are fairly easy to find for them, which means that they can be restored to working condition very easily. Antique carriage lamps and other antique kerosene lamps are also quite easy to find and are highly valued. An antique porcelain lamp might also be very collectible. They can be oil or electric models. Either type is usually painted and fairly ornate.

Question: What kinds of antique electric lamps are valuable?

Answer: Antique torchiere lamps are very well liked. In addition to their distinctive look and decorative value, they are also high quality lighting fixtures, since they provide bright indirect lighting. Many varieties of antique porch lamps are also very attractive and sought after.

Question: What is the best way to get started with collectible antique lamps?

Answer: The most important things that a new collector can do are learn and compare. There are four excellent resources available to one who is interested in learning more about antique lamps.

There are lots of good books written about the subject, and those are available online or in local libraries. The Internet provides a perfect place for a collector to view samples and compare prices and quality. Antique malls and shops are also a great place to learn. Finally, a collector should always check out yard sales, garage sales, and flea markets for that rare (but very possible) treasure.

Author: Hwang Keum-Ok

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Old Oil Lamps Information

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 | Author:

Attesting to the romantic and practical value of the necessary household item of not long ago, oil lamps new are available for about $15.00 and up.

When it comes to pleasant, quiet, or romantic settings, burning an oil lamp is akin to candles. Back when homes were lit with hanging oil lamps, you would probably never hear anyone calling them romantic. Antique oil lamps and hanging oil lamps are much safer than open flame candles. Antique oil lamps or either a hanging oil lamp, softens shadows and invites the eye. A romantic experience can be ultimately achieved by having a soft flickering flame and can be ruined by the opposite.

Antique oil lamps, a step up from lamps that use kerosene, uses a petroleum based oil. Kerosene lamps are more probable to create more soot and smoke. You do not necessarily need an expensive antique oil lamp, but might want to buy a fragrance oil lamp, which you can fill with scented lamp oil and maybe top with decorative oil lamp shades to enhance the romantic value.

Although you could still use a kerosene lamp, I suggest you be aware of the unpleasant odor and extra soot that a non antique oil lamp will not produce.

Oil lamp shades, the glass that sits on top of your oil lamp, must be cleaned carefully. I have used dry newspaper to clean off soot. Alternatively, for the more serious cleaning you can hand wash with dish detergent, warm water, and rinse with hot water.

Now, just a little info on how you should fill your oil lamp. First, remove the oil lamp shade and chimney. Then unscrew the burner completely and remove. Fill the oil bowl of your favorite antique oil lamp, to of the way, but never more than that. Now, place the burner back on the lamp and adjust the wick so that it is right above the top of the burner. When using a new wick, you want to let the wick sit in the lamp for 15 to 30 min to let the wick soak up the oil. Of course, you need to do this before you attempt to light the oil lamp.
After you have prepared your antique oil lamp, light the wick, replace your chimney, and oil lamp shade. If your lamp is smoking, no problem, just adjust the wick. Warning, never lower the wick of your oil lamp below the top of the oil lamp burners while it is burning, if the flame enters inside the oil bowl, it will probably result in an explosion. Which would ultimately ruin any romantic mood that there was.

For emergency lighting, antique oil lamps are the perfect and practical solution. The majority of oil lamps will keep you in light for hours and hours on just one fill, making them very reliable and inexpensive to use.

For the decorator, collector, historian, outdoors man, or the romantic; for parties on your patio and romantic dinners; lighting your path to a secluded cabin on the southern veranda, the practicality and romanticism of antique oil lamps cannot be beat.

By: Brandon L.

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