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Stone Oil Lamps and Their Evolution into Modern Day Oil Lamps

Monday, January 26th, 2009 | Author:

Historians believe the first oil lamp derived from the Stone Age. Made from a hollowed out rock then lined with moss, with a wick soaked in animal fat. Though small and modest in looks, the invention hasn’t differed much from the many more elaborate designs and variations that proceeded. Many different types followed made from ceramic, metal, glass, or stone. Today, antique oil lamps are highly collectible for the decorative and cultural value an antique oil lamps provides.

When Edison developed incandescent electric light in 1878, manufactures of oil lamps tried to keep business going by marketing form over function. Ornamental design and color became the last effort to save what was becoming obsolete.

Today, there’s a strong demand for antique oil lamps as well as other specific models of oil lamps. Including hanging oil lamps, ornate brass, Aladdin oil lamps, and many others.

Although antique oil lamps range in price I found that 19th-century antique oil lamps in mint condition rarely go cheaper than $300.

In the 20th century Aladdin Industries produced kerosene lamps and became so popular that an organization called The Aladdin Knights are devoted to collecting these particular Aladdin lamps. These lamps generally start at under $100 and can be as much as thousands.

With there being so many reproductions out there, it is hard to distinguish authentic. One way to help distinguish is looking at the base to look for mold marks and becoming familiar with reproduced patterns.

Once a necessity, antique oil lamps are now treasured by many for the settling glow and mood setting attributes.

By: Brandon L.

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