How to Assemble and Light an Aladdin Oil Lamp

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 | Author:

Jaclyn at Lehman’s shows you the proper way to Assemble and Light an Aladdin Oil Lamp.
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Basic instruction on how to use oil lanterns.

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  1. definca says:

    You might want to do some reading about these lamps. However, the main difference is that the Aladdin lamps use the mantle to create a very high temperature secondary combustion to the oil. This is not only more efficient but it offers a lot more light output. They also produce more heat and use more fuel than a standard wick lantern. They have a very tall flue glass as well to create a lot of draft for the flame. High out put lamps. Approx 2500 btus too!

  2. ArmaHighVoltage says:

    That mantle looks like a Thorium mantle :O

  3. dafranx says:

    What are the advantages of an Aladdin Oil Lamp, over a conventional oil lamp?

  4. MinaICCS says:

    I like the video, but no clue what she’s saying. Could you please caption it?

  5. Nu13th says:

    thanks! very informative!

  6. cacaclaute says:

    what kind of fuel only kerosene?

  7. aityadeen123 says:

    @MrDstankovich ebay

  8. curtludwig says:

    @crazybeavers155 Why not? Pressure lamps produce MUCH more light per unit of fuel than a wick lamp/lantern does. Coleman made tons of lamps and lanterns and they can be had for small money.

  9. distancerunner says:

    Thanks for posting this- best wishes

  10. bobinmissouri says:

    were u amish at 1 time? love all of you videos 5 *****

  11. dgr8zod says:

    “Lamp oil” is paraffin, and will turn the chimney a translucent white. Learned my lesson on that one; kerosene is all I use now..

  12. joyspirited says:

    do you know if there is a problem using cooking oil in these lamps? I have kinds of these lamps.

  13. joyspirited says:

    @MrDstankovich i got spare wicks from walmart.

  14. DrunknShooter says:

    When should you trim the wick? Is it something you do regularly or only if it becomes uneven? Is it best to cut off all the charred part or just what it takes to even it up?

  15. leadingbeecominghome says:

    what do you think about using a lantern to heat a small chicken house ? i use electric , but i was thinking this would work great !

  16. leadingbeecominghome says:

    i was thinking about using a kerosene lantern for heat in my small chicken house for this winter . i was think a red glass one . my chicken house is three feet wide by 28 inches tall and eight feet long . i have two roof vent in it . it is up on legs of about 14 inches . i thought to hang one from the ceiling . i already hang thier food , but for the winter i do have a heater for thier water . (one of the store boughten ones) i use electric to heat thier house now and i want them to stay warm .

  17. gagafreakbeiber says:

    thats an awesome idea i am mr d stankovich i just changed my name coz i forgot my password

  18. HomesteadAcres says:

    @shas1814 good idea

  19. shas1814 says:

    If your lamp uses round wicks
    I’ve found the cheapest source to be a cotton mop at the dollar store.
    A mop is just a lot of loose round wicks bound to a handle!
    If you need smaller wicks, just remove one or more strands.

  20. halopersin says:

    diesel ftw (for the win)

  21. SaleemsGoreeWife says:

    Nothing beats the beauty of an oil lamp. Thanks for the post!

  22. Kashmir2000is says:

    You can use reflector to get more light too. They are also very pretty.

  23. HentaiSan00 says:

    in a pinch you can also use cooking oil, like olive or vegtabile

  24. books4u2 says:

    I actually found wicks at our local Wal-Mart.

  25. RedneckRickem says:

    Since the price of Kerosene has doubled (40bucks for 20L) have you thought about using baby oil as an alternative. I’ve used it for years since a glass blower told me about it. It burns cleaner an smells better. Plus the cost of baby oil in bulk can be found cheaper.

  26. oldtimeway1 says:

    Coleman lanterns and old coleman mantle lamps are great. Pick up a coleman lamp . They burn white gas made for that purpose. The light is bright . I’ve sold dozens of them to the Amish, it’s what they love to use. Cute little baby Dietz! Oh, & I love the way you Canadians talk, especially “out” & “house”! Perfection makes a great lil oil stove that runs on kero. & a wick. Will heat a room and heat a kettle. Kero. lamps need to keep the wick trimmed straight & even to burn clean.

  27. definca says:

    The Aladdin lamps use a mantle and offer a secondary combustion to burning the oil more completely and offer much more light. Standard wick oil lamps only put out minimal light the mantle goes above the wick and fully burns the fuel white hot equal to a 60 watt light bulb. So bright you can use a glass shade like a regular shade . The give off heat too and can end up using more fuel.

  28. amcanmike says:


  29. Tabooga65 says:

    you could use olive oil.

  30. MrDstankovich says:


  31. HomesteadAcres says:

    go on line and google lehmans they have all kinds of supplys like that also a local hardware or farm supply might have some if you have any trouble finding the link just pm me

  32. Coy Kendle says:

    I think you have observed some very interesting details , appreciate it for the post.

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