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Beautiful Desk Lamps

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Beautiful desk lamps -  (2309 central ave)

Beautiful And Functional Lighting

You probably already know this on some level, but the lighting you choose for your home is critical for the beauty and functionality of the space. Too often, people add the lighting as an afterthought, without much consideration for the overall effect or the need for useful illumination.

The first consideration should always be for function. If your project is for an entire house, consider each space within that house – whatever areas are considered whole unto themselves. Usually this is by rooms. Think first of how you see the room being used. If this is a redesign it may be how it has been traditionally used, or you may take this opportunity to reshape it. Is it a room for work? For reading? For casual entertaining? For eating? For movie watching or music listening? A combination of these?

Next you should envision these activities more specifically. Where will they take place in the space? How much light will they require? A desk or table that will be worked at often will need dramatically different light than a painting to be highlighted on the wall. Also consider natural light – is the space bright enough during the day, or is there anywhere you would like it to be brighter?

There are 3 different kinds of lighting: background, task, and decorative. Each serves a specific and necessary purpose, and if layered properly, can show your room to its full advantage. Background illumination is the first layer – it should compensate for natural light in the daytime and light the room evenly at night. This is most often done by ceiling fixtures, but it can also be achieved by lamps and sconces around the room, providing overlapping pools of light. Task lighting throws intense, focused light on a workspace for preparing food, working, reading, playing an instrument, etc. With the bright light comes contrasting shadows, so be sure to place the light source in front of or beside the person, never behind. Decorative lighting, also known as accent lighting, is bright light shown on something to accent it – all form and no function. It can be to emphasize a painting as mentioned before, or an architectural element, a beautiful piece of furniture, a sculpture, a collection of some sort… the list is as varied as people’s tastes.

You are now armed with the essential knowledge and questions you need to ask yourself to embark on the task of lighting your space. Done properly, it can be a showcase that is as functional as it is lovely.

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Source: http://www.isnare.com/?aid=49501&ca=Home+Management

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does target use Fedx or UPS for shipping??
    I ordered a beautiful floor lamp and desk fpr my bedroom. I can’t wait.

    • ANSWER:
      seems to me that you should have known that answer when you paid for the item…

      You should call them up or go online and ask them yourself!

    I’m looking for gadget,its kind of horizontal tube with thick liquid and while it’s moving it create wave?
    It’s not lava lamp. This one i think its electronic, and i saw it on someones desk, beautiful wave like on the sea while it was moving from one way to another, i don’t even know what it called. Help me please.

    • ANSWER:
      It is a clear plastic container with blue-dyed water and a light oil. They do not mix. The base just tilts it from one side to the other to make waves. I don’t know what it is called though.

    What do yall think of my novel?
    Wake up Doctor!” exclaimed Mr.Doval. There was a loud crack as he threw open the door and ran into the dimly lit apartment. The blinds were closed and the lights were off. There was an odd silence to the room as Mr.Doval searched the efficiency. He stepped through a narrow hall into the study. The wood floor creaked as he walked onward. The desk lamp was shattered on the floor, glowing faintly making the man look almost ghostly. Dr.Henry Kompakia was sitting at an old wooden desk, a pencil in his hand, crafting strange pictures of things Mr.Doval had never seen before.
    “Doctor?” Mr.Doval whispered as he walked up to the man. “GO!” the man exclaimed, Doval jumping in fright. The doctor threw down the writing utensil and threw the chair out into the darkness of the room. “Come back tomorrow!” He yelled as he rose from the desk. He must have been at least six feet tall, towering over Mr.Doval.” The machine…its ready, doctor,” Mr.Doval stuttered.
    Suddenly the man’s expression changed, his eyes widened and he got a strange grin on his face. “Is it ready for flight?” the doctor asked Mr.Doval, his voice booming through the entire room. “Not quite, but it will be ready in time”, Dovel solomley stated,
    “May I ask where you will be going?”
    “To days to come!” the doctor shouted excitedly. That was the first time Doval had ever heard Dr.Kompakia sound so happy.
    “So I guess you have waited awhile to meet her” Doval half asked the doctor. In fact, Henry Kompakia had waited longer than most people have ever waited for anything. “I have known her since I was a child”, the doctor whispered. His voice was faint, but you could feel the energy of his thoughts. ” I may know she doesnt exist yet, but that isnt enough to stop love”, the doctor told Doval. 43 year old Henry walked after Mr.Doval slowly down the corridors out of the dimly lit apartment. “So what time will you be transported to?”doval asked curiously. He wasnt told much about the experiment. The Doctor was always a quiet man, not willing to share his inner thoughts with anyone but his wife. When Mrs. Carly Kompakia passed from a lethal lung cancer, The Doctor had stayed in his apartment, only leaving once every few months to check up on the experiment.
    “I will be going to the exact date of April 5, 2043 at exactly 10:09 in the morning. A resteraunt called Calligan’s Place” Henry told Doval as the short man shifted the old Corvett into gear. “But even when you get there”, doval asked, “How will you find her?”
    “I already know my love, I will never forget that beautiful face”, Kompakia told the fat scientist driving the car.
    16 hours ago
    Additional Details
    Sorry its a little hard to understand without reading more… heres some facts for you…

    Henry Kompakia was sleeping one night, when he had a vision about a beautiful blonde child his age. She told him she loved him and he loved her in the same, but there was a simple problem. She was from 30 years in the future. But every night, he could speak to her, and she spoke back. The loved with a beautiful love never felt by anyone ever before. Henry decides that it cannot simply be his imagination. It is too powerful to be fake. He knew there was a connection to our time, and year 2043 and he has an idea to use the link to travel to his love. The two talked about it every night, but then it began to stop. The dreams became less often, until one year, they stopped completely. With the help of his friend Martin Doval, he has completed his design to reopen the link to the future, but sustaining the connection long enough that he could travel back and forth between time. Only, what does he find once he arrives?

    • ANSWER:
      I really cant be arsed reading it but it looks ok

    was sold an item , found out owner still owes money?
    female lives a couple of doors down..informed me and a few other neighbors she was being evicted and i could have whateva i wanted in the house..it was going to be put on the street at nine when the sheriiff comes..i go in about eight to kinda give support, go upstairs see this beautiful bedroom set, she’s trying to sell everything, calling ppl no one is interested so i tell her i dont have a lot of money but i do have two hundred ill take the set..she agreed and called ppl to come move the set..during this time she gave away her whole house..was feeling bad for her so i proposed to sell the set back(keep in mind she also gave me a microwave , really nice desk, crockpot, lamps and other miscellaneous things,she also gave the ppl who helped me move: tvs and dvd players and everything you can think of)she said okay..but the day came and left…we have a little falling out and now she says she needs her set back or i have to pay grande furniture..had no reason to believe i was receiving stolen property, she could be just saying this so i can give it back,,,is there ne way i can find this out..and will i be charged with ne thing..im almost feeling like calling the police now to get it out of my house..what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      You paid her and she sold it to you. That she still owes money on it isn’t your problem.

    Should I be worried about my Betta?
    Well couple months ago I got a little blue male Betta as a present from a friend of mine. Since then I’ve learned a lot about Betta’s and how to care for them. So I quickly moved him from the little drinking glass sized (enclosure?) he came in, to a 1 gallon fish bowl. Its still not big enough I know, but I do plan on getting him a 3 or 5 gallon heated and filtered tank as soon as I can. Anyway I clean his bowl once a week, and for help with filteration I bought one of those aquatic Betta Vase plants which I made a bracket for out of some coat hanger. And yes I made sure the plant was had a much smaller diameter, than the opening of his bowl so he could breathe. Also for heat I’ve been using a standard desk lamp with 70 watt bulb which according to my stick on tank thermometer keeps his water between 75 and 80 degrees.
    Ok now on to my question, last night I noticed there was a dead spider on the bottom of Beta’s bowl. I didn’t think anything of it because my old Goldfish, and Koi used to eat crap like that all the time, so I guess I didn’t think it’d hurt my Betta if happened to eat it. Well sure enough this morning the spider was gone, but my Betta was acting funny. Seems like all he wants to do is sleep, which is wierd for Beta. Normally all I have to do is shake his food can and he comes right to the front of the bowl like a dinner bell. He’s still swimming around ok, he looks as beautiful as ever, and I have gotten him to eat a couple little pellets over the course of the day. but he is deffinatly not himself.
    Could eating that spider have poisoned my Betta? If so is there anything I can do to help him out? I know he’s just a fish and all, but I’ve really gotten attached to the little guy. Ok Well thanks in advance.
    P.S. and yes my Betta’s name is Beta.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, if it was poisonous it may effect such a little fish . Even a house spider could kill it! Watch it and every time it poos siphone it out, i may be contaminated.

    Have you ever gone garbage picking?
    I’m NOT saying ripping people’s garbage open and digging in their crap, but if there’s a desk on the side of the road or book shelf or lamp or anything like that. I found a beautiful wood cared picture frame once. It’s huge. I re-finished it, and now it’s gorgeous.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes I have. Where I live, once a year they have whats called Clean Up Day. You can put out anything and they will come along and take it.

    I dreamed of Necklaces?
    I dreamed that I was looking at these beautiful silver necklaces. two were on top of the desk already. And It seemed to me I took out another one from my pocket and examined it, and admired it as I set it next to the other two which were smaller. I didn’t loose the necklaces, they were just laying there glistening in the light of the lamp on the desk, and they were without blemish.

    • ANSWER:
      It means you are in need of new jewelry. You feel like you need some “it’s all about me” time. Or it could just mean you’re a superficial person (I’m not saying your are).

    Recording studio rates and rooms?
    I want to record like 3 songs in a studio but I don’t know wich room I am going to need to record in? So I have pasted the rates and rooms below can somone tell me what all I will need and what room I should choose and about how long it will take to record 3 songs. Oh and I and I don’t play any instruments so how or where can I find music to sing my songs to?

    Suite A – 0/hr
    Built for comfort and speed. This room was designed and built to be the ultimate listening/production environment. Equipment includes the AMS Neve Logic 3 console with 5.1 Surround Mixing, and the Audiofile SC workstation with lightning fast archive and retrieval via DVD-RAM. Also features a window into our Sound Studio, client desk, couch, lava lamp, wireless internet, and a 32 inch video monitor.

    Suite B – 0/hr
    Built to get the work done. Our second AMS Neve Logic 3/Audiofile SC workstation is the heart of our “living room.” It also includes a 2 GHz dual processor Mac G5 with Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. Virtually every audio format available is represented in this space. Features a beautiful view of downtown Raleigh, and easy access to the coffee pot.

    Sound Studio – /hr (only in combination with Suite A or Suite B)
    Built for silence. Our 500 square foot studio features a 3 inch floating concrete floor with 2 inch thick walls and ceilings mounted on isolation systems designed by Mason Industries for the ultimate in soundproofing. Combine this with a no compromise approach to acoustic treatment and you have what is probably the best sounding room in the Carolinas. Features a window into Suite A, and a comprehensive microphone collection, including the best from Neumann, AKG, and Sennheiser.
    ISDN Services – /hr (only in combination with Suite A or Suite B)
    Real time high quality audio from anywhere in the world. We support all major data formats, including APT, Telos/Zephyr and MPEG layers 2 & 3. Standard phone patch services also available and included in edit suite hourly rate.

    Production Music and Sound Effects
    We have an extensive collection of music from the best production libraries available: FirstCom, Chappell, One Music, Gotham, and more. Plus we have access to thousands of additional titles published by these libraries online.

    Our sound effects library is second to none, and includes hundreds of recordings collected by our staff over more than 20 years of operation.

    Production music 0/use – Access to our sound effects library /session

    Digital Spot Delivery
    Digital Delivery of Radio Spots and Traffic to stations nationwide
    per station delivered
    plus for each tied spot.
    ( minimum)

    CD-R Recordable Compact Disk
    DVD RAM Disk 4.7G [client archive]
    DAT 124 Minute
    DAT 64 Minute

    There is a minimum copy charge of .

    • ANSWER:
      I dunno really
      I get to do mine for free….
      Yeah it is expensive whatever you have the money for I guess

    Please can you check this piece of French for me?
    In my bedroom there is a desk where i do my homework and in the morning i get ready on it On my desk there is a lamp that i use often also on my desk there is my laptop and i think that it is the best thing in my bedroom because i use it all the time in order to have fun However i have to turn it off at night in order to conserve electricity and in order to not pollute the atmosphere Finally on my desk there is my iPod where i listen to my music in order to relax My brown desk is against the wall in order to create more space in my bedroom there is my single bed and i think that it is very comfortable because it is my bed and i can do what i want in it My walls are painted purple in order to match my bed and curtains and personally it think that it is very beautiful In my bedroom there is a pine wardrobe which is full of my clothes and in my opinion i think that it is full with fashionable clothes because i am chic However i hate my wardrobe because it is broken
    see below for french
    Dans ma chambre il y a un bureau, où je fais mes devoirs et le matin je me préparer sur y. Sur mon bureau il y a une lampe que je l’utiliser souvent. Aussi , sur mon bureau il y a mon ordinateur portable et je pense que c’est la meilleure chose dans ma chambre parce que je l’utiliser tout le temps pour s’amuser. Porutant, je dois je dois l’éteindre la nuit afin de conserver électricité et pour ne pas polluer l’atmosphere. Finalement sur mon bureau il y a mon iPod où je écoute à ma musique pour reposer. Mon marron bureau contre le mur afin de créer plus d’espace. Dans ma chambre il y a mon lit d’une personne et je trouve que c’est très confortable parce que c’est mon lit et je peux faire que j’y veux! Mes murs sont peints en viole afin de correspondre à mon couvre-lit et mes rideaux et personellement je crois que c’est très beau! Dans ma chambre il y a mon armoire en pin, qui a tous mes vêtements et à mon avis je pense que c’est il est plein des vêtements à la mode car je suis chic!
    Portant je déteste mon armoire parce que il y a cassé!
    can you please see if i have done it right thanks sooo much any corrections much appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Dans ma chambre, il y a un bureau où je fais mes devoirs et sur lequel je me prépare le matin.
      Sur mon bureau il y a une lampe que j’utilise souvent, ainsi que mon ordinateur portable et je pense que mon ordinateur est la chose que je préfère dans ma chambre, parce que je m’en sers tout le temps, pour m’amuser. Cependant, je dois l’éteindre la nuit afin d’économiser l’électricité et de ne pas polluer l’atmosphère.
      Enfin, sur mon bureau il y a mon iPod, avec lequel, j’écoute mes musiques préférées (de la musique), afin de me détendre (reposer). Le bureau marron est contre le mur, pour créer plus d’espace.
      Dans ma chambre il y a un lit d’une personne et je trouve que c’est très agréable, parce que c’est mon lit et que je peux y faire ce que je veux !
      Mes murs sont peints en violet afin de s’harmoniser avec mon couvre-lit et mes rideaux et personnellement je crois que c’est très beau ! Dans ma chambre, il y a aussi une armoire en pin, qui est remplie avec tous mes habits et je pense qu’elle est pleine de vêtements à la mode parce que j’aime être élégant(e) (chic) ! Pourtant, je déteste mon armoire, parce qu’elle est cassée !
      Good luck 😉

    so what do you think, first chapter?
    haha okay so i thought i would take a crack at it. its really late and im living on no sleep. oh did i mention IM BORED! so here tell me what you think. i havent even given it a read hahah its like 5 am.
    well just read it, and give me a few tips and hints hahah please be brutal. ive got 4 entire months of nothingness planned. im already sick of it….
    any way, ENJOY, or dont, what ever hahahahhah
    Before I begin let me just say that no one lives through this story. After the final chapter there is no ‘to be continued’, there isn’t a happy ending and there aren’t any twist and turns that will leave you hoping, believing that maybe a character you identified with would survive. No nothing works out, no morals, no preaching, no final realization. The screen fades to black and that’s it. Life doesn’t work out in the end, life won’t give you a second chance. You get one. And then, that’s it. There’s no final solution. Life will go on, whether you’re dead or alive. There are five people, five chapters and one link that connects them all, ill save that for the end.
    Any way let’s begin.
    Music played in the background.
    It was one of those songs that you could almost sing along to if you could remember the words.
    The smell of burnt, smoke from his last cigarette
    If he had his eyes open he would see the elegant setting of a library completely furnished in dark maple desk, chairs and shelf’s almost stuffed with books, and a laptop powered on in a corner of the room on the floor.
    Even with the single lamp on, from the desk and the white glow from the laptop you can see the chaos of the room that this reclining figure sat center of. Organised chaos he liked to call it. Almost every inch was covered in sheets full of doodles he was so fond of making and half finished books and miscellaneous items that he wouldn’t get rid of because it may or may not be applicable in some obscure never to be completed work of mediocre art that he had no interest in. It was a complicated life.
    There wasn’t a clock in the room but the light from the window said it was midnight. The moon full and bright gave almost perfect detail to everything.
    Let’s not focus any more on this person; i won’t even say his name. Names always create a sense of attachment and familiarity. This person won’t be alive long enough for such unfortunate pleasures as to have someone to morn for him.
    The music erupted into static and his eyes fluttered open looking around for this sudden change in what he called ‘man time’
    As his eyes passed the window the promised clear night turned foggy, so thick that it was almost entirely white.
    A little girl stepped into the fog. Silence. The static that buzzed in the background was gone and the soft sad yet beautiful coo of the little girl sobbing made it to his ears, almost as clear as if she were weeping on his shoulder.
    She was scarred and naked, barely a teenager, shoulder length dirty hair hung loose, twigs and leafs stuck here and there, her skin a lighter pale even than the fog.
    She walked slowly to the very center of the street to be perfectly framed in the window, her profile to him. Looking at her feet, visibly lost and crying. Arms by her side hung loose, the obvious signs of abuse on her shoulders
    He got out of the chair, walked to the window and stood there, stuck between wanting to rush to her aid and staying in the comfort and safety of his study. Her sobs still ringing in his ear.
    All noise suddenly stopped, he was deaf. He smelt burning lavender, he thought he was having a stroke before realising that it was supposed to be burnt toast that signalled a stroke. The girl in the street jerked almost as if she was struck and her head slowly rose to stare straight ahead as if she finally realised where she was. Like something had clicked in her head. Like she was aware.
    He finally caught a glimpse of her face and saw a tear stained eye and a scar on her cheek. That decided it. The sweet stained angelic face was to much to bear for his heart. He had to rush to her.
    He looked around the floor for a towel or blanket he could use to cover the child while he thought of what to do with her. For her.
    Suddenly deafening sirens blared in his ears, his heart that was filled with sorrow was now consumed with fear. Squeezing his eyes shut he slapped his hands over his ears to feel a warm sticky liquid run down his palm.
    Knees buckling he fell to the floor and in his panic looked out the window. The angelic face that created the feelings of utter helplessness and almost physical knots in his stomach, was now pressed against the window. What he believed was angelic now seemed the spawn of desperate evil demons. One eye hollow and bleeding, beet red against blue ice skin, the other slit under the lower eye lid. H
    hhahah gramatical errors aside hahah i just wanted to write
    ignore whatever you think may have given me a failing grade in high school hahahah

    • ANSWER:
      You’ll definitely need a very good editor. The structure is weak & all wrong =/
      The storyline is OK, the prologue needs a lot of work.
      Keep at it though!

    betta fish and Himalayan salt lamp – good or bad combo?
    Hi – I don’t know if you can answer this question, or point me to someone who can, but it’s an odd one. I’ve got a beautiful crowntail betta that I love and he sits proudly on my desk, keeping me company all day long and bringing a lot of peace to a stressful world. In an effort to de-stress Phin’s mommy (me) – I’ve purchased a Himalayan salt lamp…. negative ions, soft glow, yadda yadda yadda…. will it cause Phin any problems to be close to the lamp (no heat or anything, just wasn’t sure about the ion/salt thing).

    Any ideas or help you can give me…..


    • ANSWER:

    I don’t understand this joke!?! part 2?
    Metaphysical Downsizing:
    One day a government worker was digging through his office drawers when suddenly he came upon a magic lamp. (Oh, c’mon, I’m sure there’s one buried in your desk too.) Since he’d heard these jokes before, he knew that he had to rub the lamp and make the genie come out. So he rubbed the lamp and — oh, surprise — out popped a genie.
    The genie asked, as genies will, “What is your first wish?” The government worker thought about it for a second, and then replied, “I would like to be rich!” So the genie granted him his wish, and poof the man was surrounded by piles of money rivaling the heaps of even Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.
    Since the government worker knew the whole wish process, the genie didn’t even have to ask for number two before he said, “My second wish is to be on an island with beautiful women surrounding me and obeying my every command!” And poof, he was there.
    Then the government worker — or, as I like to call him, civil servant — decided on his third wish, “I don’t want to do any work ever again!” and poof — ubiquitous ironic twist — he was back in his office.

    • ANSWER:
      Keep paying your taxes, you’ll get it soon enough.<3 the twist

    government joke is this funny?
    There is a government worker sitting at his desk feeling bored so he decides to clean out his cabinet and finds a lamp, he polishes it and a genie appears and grants him 3 wishes.

    The guy unable to think quickly wishes for a diet coke.
    puff…. a huge coke can appears

    After drinking this he wishes he was on a warm tropical island with hundreds of beautiful sex crazy women.
    puff… he is on the island and it is better than he could ever have imagined

    Realizing he has one wish left he thinks for a while and then wishes he never had to work again





    he finds himself back in his government office!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      That sounds about right. It would be even funnier if it wasn’t true! Have a star.

    I dreamed of Necklaces?
    I dreamed that I was looking at these beautiful silver necklaces. two were on top of the desk already. And It seemed to me I took out another one from my pocket and examined it, and admired it as I set it next to the other two which were smaller. I didn’t loose the necklaces, they were just laying there glistening in the light of the lamp on the desk, and they were without blemish. I also remember it was my office desk which is next to the window, and I could see my dad outside in the garden working near when it was about dusk just walking. And somewhere earlier in the dream I know my girlfriend was in there.

    • ANSWER:
      Often dreams of necklaces are our minds way of reminding us of events in our lives, in this case I would say accomplishments. Three necklaces would be three good things. I’d link it to the things you mentioned in your dream, work, your father, and your girlfriend.

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