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Antique Oil Lamps and Romance

Monday, January 26th, 2009 | Author:

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Less than a century ago when the sun went down and darkness arrived families would light their oil lamp. Chores would be completed, super cooked, a book enjoyed all from the light of an oil lamp. They were the heartbeat of America homesteads. Today oil lamps are still a popular addition to the home adding a romantic and relaxing atmosphere to the room.

Back when oil lamps were a necessity you’d probably not have found anyone who would have classified them as romantic, but in modern times burning an oil lamp is equivalent to burning candles adding tranquility to that pleasant quiet setting. And they are much safer with the flame nicely protected behind a chimney.

As an added bonus that dancing and flickering flame with the mysterious shadows it illuminates the room with add the perfect romantic touch. Now don’t ruin that romantic ambiance but using poor lamp oil. Choose from a selection of wonderfully scented oils like rose, lilac, lavender, forest scents, and even lemon.

Take some time to think about the best locations for your lamps. Four or five of them surrounding your bathtub with the flame flickering and dancing and the scent of roses filling the air is going to make for a very relaxing bath.

When the lights go down and the lamps that are placed around your bed and on the nightstands are lit, you are going to create a very romantic room.

As an added bonus lamps are also a great choice for emergency lighting. Weather disasters or accidents that cause the loss of power can leave you stumbling around in the dark. A regular size oil lamp will burn for hours on one bowl of oil and storing extra oil is convenient and it doesn’t expire. So you can be ready at all times.

Vintage and antique oil lamps are being collected by people from all walks of life. What’s really great is you can collect these beautiful treasures but you can also use them. Create a romantic supper, use them on the patio for a summer party, or light your cabin.

To minimize the amount of smoking from your lamp keep your wick trimmed properly. Before using the wick the first time trim the wick corners on an angle so that the center is about 1/8″ taller than the corners. A well centered wick has a perfect flame that burns right up the middle of the chimney.

When you light the wick if it begins to smoke turn it slightly backwards until it stops smoking. Never, ever turn the wick so that it’s below the top of the burner when it’s lit as the flame in the bowl of oil is likely to result in an explosion.

To fill the lamp bowl with oil remove the chimney, unscrew the burner, then fill the bowl to the mark. Put the burner back on and make sure it is snug, adjust your wick so it’s just showing out the top of the burner, and it’s ready to light. If it’s a new wick that hasn’t been lit before than let it soak for 30 minutes prior to lighting.

For practical, relaxing, and romantic lighting you simply can’t beat the power of oil lamps!

By: Daren Bomaster

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Daren has been lighting store for 10 years now and has become experienced with installing lighting in various areas. He has decided to create www.lightingus.com to answer many of the questions he has come across many times. Visit his website to learn more about decorative outdoor lighting.

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